Who is the owner of the castle app?

Castle is powered by the Kaxin Games developer who owns the Castle HD app.

Is the Castle app available on the Play Store?

Yes, the Castle app is available on Google Play Store under the name of Castle HD.

Does Castle app update its content?

Yes, of course, the castle team and their partner always trying to provide the most updated content on their streaming platform.

For what devices the Castle app is available?

The best thing is that the Castle app is available for Android, Mac, iOS, and desktop users.

Is castle app need any subscription?

No, the castle entertainment app is freely available for everyone. You don’t need to get a paid subscription to this app.

Is the castle app is safe to use?

The team of this app always working to secure your data. So you can use this app without any hesitation it’s totally safe to use.

Does castle app require registration?

Yes, the user needs a valid email to create an account on it. With this email and password, the user can access the castle app. However, this app does not have a paid subscription.